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    Setting The Stage To Sell Your Home

    When you think about selling your house, staging your home might cross your mind. To some it’s an unnecessary expense; to others it’s a crucial point to ensure your home stands out. Studies have shown that 63% of buyers will pay more for a move-in ready home. While the staging furniture isn’t included in the sale of your house, 81% of buyers have said they can envision themselves moving in a lot easier when the picture in their mind is already laid in front of them. 28% even said they missed major property faults because they weren’t as critical as they were of unstaged homes.

    Still not convinced? Still think that the price of staging doesn’t affect the end result of selling your home? Well, staged homes sell for at least 5% more than unstaged homes. While 5% might not sound like a lot, remember how much your home sells for. Imagine you’re selling a $100,000 starter home… staging could net you $5,000 more! That will more than pay for the staging and put more money in your pocket. Luckily for you, our agents are experienced in working with all types of homes and all homes listed with The Rich McCarron Team go through a rigorous staging consultation completely complimentary!

    Are you convinced now? Then let’s get started with 5 tips you can use to start staging your home on you own!

    1. Remove Clutter
    2. Make Rooms Look Larger
    3. Neutralize Your Space
    4. Make Easy Repairs
    5. Be Inviting

    First, clutter. It’s a headache to live with and even worse for a buyer to look at. It makes rooms look small and uncared for. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest things to get rid of. You’re selling your home to move, aren’t you? So start packing! Personal items? Pack them! The pots and pans that you use almost daily so you don’t bother putting them away? Get them in the cabinets! The laundry you’ve been avoiding? Well, it cleans up the floor and makes the bedroom smell nicer, so we’ll let you figure that one out on your own. But even more than opening up the space, people don’t want to worry what problems are hiding in the walls because the home doesn’t seem cared for as it is.

    But speaking of opening up the space, who doesn’t love more room in their house? Costco is a big deal because you get more for your money. Homes are no different. While everyone wishes to have beautiful counters and updated appliances, sometimes many listings in the same price point have all the same features. How do you stand out? You give them more for their money. Stage your home to show home buyers that their sectional will fit in front of the fireplace or that they can still get to the door without diving over their king sized bed. It goes hand-in-hand with clutter. A couch to big for the living room it’s in looks like a small room when it’s really just a poor design choice. Don’t show that off. Show off the fact that a full living room set will fit along with your friends. Don’t choose between whether your house can fit things or people.

    Would You Be Able To See Past This?And what about those people? Are their color choices a personal preference? Like…far end of the spectrum color choices that no buyer would love? This is where neutralizing comes into play when staging your home. The hot pink bedroom you meant to paint years ago might be glaring someone in the face and they overlook the fact that you’ve done a full kitchen remodel. It sounds silly that people can’t look past those things, but it happens. Some people can envision themselves in any space, but most people find it hard to visualize things past how they currently exist. So with that in mind, warm tans and bright whites are always a good choice in neutralizing homes. It goes with almost all furniture and is a easy color to cover if the buyer chooses to repaint. Plus, you can always brighten the room with pops of color in pillows or curtains.

    Now comes the most labor intensive part of staging your home. Not major labor, but more than moving a bit of furniture around. Take a look around the house for any repairs that can be easily done. Home buyers can ask for ridiculous credits to get a deal on their new home. For example, a GFCI outlet is about $3. If you buy in bulk, you can even get them around $1 a piece. They take approximately 5 minutes to install if you have no electrical experience and they are extremely easy to do (especially after watching a walkthrough of the process on YouTube). So when a home inspector walks through your house and sees no grounded outlets within 6 feet of a water source, he’ll tell the buyer to ask for a repair or credit, and the buyer might as for a few hundred dollars for “electrical repairs”. In this instance, $3 and a few minutes of labor could save you hundreds. Even if you have to call a contractor to do the work, often you’ll spend significantly less than a buyer would ask to be credited.

    Staging a Kitchen Can Make All The DifferenceFinally, you want your home to be inviting. If you’ve been doing any searching for a new home online, you might have noticed homes with more windows seem more inviting because the natural light fills the room. We’re not asking you to add windows to your house, but adding some light fixtures could brighten up the room and stage a much more welcoming presence. Take time to invest in air fresheners if your home has some odor you can’t put your finger on. In this case, don’t skimp on the air freshener. Cheap air fresheners smell fake and often come across like you’re trying to hide something. Ideally, you can stage your home with fresh flowers. They create a homey atmosphere and give a natural fragrance that welcome buyers home.

    Of course, these are basic tips. These tips are great for getting started on staging your home, but when you decide to put your home on the market, be sure to call one of our expert agents to get insight into how you can better stage your home for a quick and well-priced home sale.

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